About Us

The Step2Capital Group is an investment company with a focus on investments in businesses and real estate projects. Together with our partners, we passionately work to discover opportunities and generate long-term value. Our role as entrepreneurs enhances our abilities as investors, and our commitment as investors makes us better entrepreneurs. We always operate with our own capital, and occasionally, we invest alongside a small group of selected partners.


Corporate Investments

A pivotal aspect of our investment strategy centers around engagements in the B2B sector. The Step2Capital Group, along with its partners, brings a wealth of entrepreneurial experience from numerous personal ventures across diverse industries. This invaluable know-how is harnessed to identify and cultivate promising corporate investments.

Our primary focus lies in "off-market" investments, special situations, and early-stage participations. Through the synergy of a robust industry network, proven transactional expertise, and an action-oriented team, we excel at exploring and nurturing exceptionally appealing business opportunities.

We are well-equipped to address discreet refinancing needs, provide essential support for strategic realignment, or bridge gaps in accessing external capital. Additionally, for small and medium-sized enterprises operating with dominance and high profitability in a niche market, we are enthusiastic about offering assistance through avenues such as Management Buy-outs or Buy-ins.

Early-Stage Investments and Business Development

We have a preference for highly scalable ventures, particularly those involving B2B business models with the potential for high profit margins. In the selection of our investments, we scrutinize a variety of criteria, with key considerations including an implementation-oriented team, a sufficiently large market segment with high entry barriers, and a business model with a focused strategy for monetization.

Our focus in seeking early-stage participations is on companies that have already navigated the initial developmental phase and are ready to take the next step with our assistance. This is the stage where a prototype or beta version has been developed, market viability tests have been conducted, and initial revenues have been generated.

When the respective market conditions align with our expertise, we occasionally engage actively in the development and implementation of business concepts.

Real Estate

This includes activities such as property development, operating student accommodations, leasing serviced apartments and hotels, creating temporary residential facilities, or providing turnkey rental solutions for educational institutions.


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