About Us

Step2Capital Group is an investment company whose primary focus is on investing in companies and real estate projects. We work closely and passionately with our partners to detect opportunities and generate value in the long term.

Our activities as entrepreneurs make us better investors, and our commitment as investors makes us better entrepreneurs.



A key component of our investment strategy is investments in the B2B sector.

The founding partner and his partners have gained extensive business experience through founding a large number of companies in a vast range of industries. They are able to maximise this know-how to find and develop promising investments in companies.

Our focus is on off-market investments, special situations and early-stage investments.

Thanks to a combination of a reliable industry network, proven transaction expertise and a results-oriented team, we are able to explore and develop exceptionally attractive business opportunities.

Plans to refinance a company discreetly, support required for strategic restructuring or the lack of access to outside capital form a basis for potential cooperation.

We will also be happy to offer support through a management buy-out or buy-in for small and medium-sized companies which hold a leading position and operate with high profitability in a niche market.

Early stage investments and business development

We have a preference for easily scalable companies and are especially interested in B2B business models with high sales margins.

When it comes to selecting our investments, we take a wide range of criteria into account.

These include, first and foremost, a strong goals-oriented team, a sufficiently large market segment with high access barriers, a well differentiated product and a business model with a strategy that is geared towards monetisation.

When searching for early-stage investments, we pay special attention to companies that have already mastered the first stage of development and are looking to take the next step with our support.

This is the phase in which a prototype or beta version has already been developed, tests for marketability have been carried out, and initial sales have been generated.

Should the respective market conditions and our know-how be a perfect fit, we occasionally become actively involved in developing and implementing business concepts.

Real Estate

These include, for example, property development activities, the operation of student accommodation, letting of serviced flats or the provision of temporary housing.

A relevant added value is the close cooperation with our operating subsidiary, the Orbis Group (www.orbis-group.de).

Mapping out the entire operational range of services in the real estate sector, results in a partnership that offers additional investment opportunities.

We always invest using our own funds which occasionally involves co-investments from our partners in the real estate sector. If you are interested in co-investments, please get in touch with us.


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